Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifty, Crafty Thursday: Cheap Shoes.

I have 5 kids.  4 of them wear shoes, and by wear, I mean wear them out.  I had to stop buying the cheapest shoes for them when they started riding bikes and scooters.  They seem to use the toe of their shoe as breaks, which really quickly sends us back to the shoe store.  So what's a momma to do when all of her (shoe wearing) kiddos need new shoes?  I wish I could just run out and buy them whatever ones they want.  But being a single income family, that's just not going to happen.  Here's how I am able to get 4 pairs of brand name shoes for under $100.

There are many stores out there that always offer a buy one get one at 50% off deal.  I always choose to buy their shoes there.  Skechers, Rack Room, Famous Footwear, just to name a few.  I usually hit up the Skechers store.  Sometimes they run a promotion where if you buy 3 or more pairs of shoes you get an extra $10 off.  Those days I usually shout loudly in the store "PRAISE GOD!!" 

School is starting in 4 days!!  Last week was tax free week here in Maryland.  All clothes and shoes could be purchased tax free for a whole week (most states have something like this, so go here and see what your state offers) so we jumped at the chance to save a few bucks.

This time we went to Rack Room Shoes.  We like to buy shoes with flat soles for our kids.  This allows their muscles in their feet and legs to develop naturally (more on that another day).  I sent them all off to pick out a pair.  My girly (8) chose some neon pink converse.  The little guy (4) chose converse as well, his were a little snazzy though, with some cushion around the ankle and a bit of a high top feel.  #3 and chose some really cool vans.  And the Biggest Brother chose Nike.  NIKE, seriously.  I really didn't want to get these.  They were like $45.  How on earth could I possibly allow this to happen.  The look on his face sealed the deal.  He has the sweetest smile. 

Once everyone had their shoes (like 10 hours later), we headed up to the counter.  A sign next to the register reminded me that the day before was Military Monday, 10% discount for all military ID card holders.  Bummer.  The awesome cashier let me know that if I texted a number, they would text me back a 10% off coupon.  YES!!!  Sure enough, it came right away!  She scanned every pair and I watched the total climb...$109!!!  I gave her my coupon and that brought the total down to $98 and some change.  "PRAISE GOD!"  I shouted, nearly jumping up and down.  I thought for sure those Nikes were gonna do me in . 

In the end.  Happy kids, happy momma, SUPER happy husband! 


Crunchy Katie


  1. lol, too funny! You'd likely not want to shoe shop with us! I tote my coupons and go during BOGO deals, but without fail, at least 1 picks out expensive shoes every year!

  2. My boys do the same thing with using their shoes for brakes on their bikes. Love deals myself and it was so nice of the cashier to help you out. blessings.

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  4. Keeping my brood in shoes is truly one of my great challenges. The only thing tougher is keeping my tall, skinny 17 yr. old in jeans. Wanna guess how many companies make 32/36 jeans? None of the cheap brands, I can tell you that!

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