Monday, August 27, 2012

Moments from Motherhood Monday: God loves them more than me.

It's the first day of school today. 

Here are my 4 older children all ready to walk to school
I must admit, I was a little grumpy yesterday.  I know why, but didn't want to share with the hubby.  You see, I long to home school my children.  I did for 2 years, against my husbands wishes.  I was stubborn and refused to put them in public school.  It was always a big fight with us.  On our 7 day drive across the country from California to Maryland (thank you Marine Corps), I had lots of time to talk with God.  I'd been praying for a while that my husband would step up and take his place as head of our house.  He did just that and put his foot down on that trip. He told me that they were going to public school.  For some reason I couldn't even speak.  I cried and prayed and heard God very clearly.  "Katie," he said, "The kids will be just fine."  Peace came over me immediately.  "It's more important for them to see their mommy and daddy standing together as one.  Submit to your husband, I'll watch over the children."
I know that God loves my children more than I ever could.  And I trust Him.  I prayed this morning for peace.  As I dropped my babies off at school, I felt peace. 
Here I am with baby Abby in the carrier and my PreK boy, Eli.  He starts school the 4th of September.
It's going to be a quiet day today.
Crunchy Katie

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  1. Katie, Our heavenly Father has great plans for you and I understand your struggles with the public school system, however, you have every right as a parent to be constantly involved with their education. You are a great Momma! Enjoy the extra peace today. Love you!