Saturday, November 26, 2011

FuzziBunz Winner!!

I have a winner to announce!! Rebecca Orr, you are the lucky winner of (2) FuzziBunz size Medium cloth diapers in white! Hurry up and check your email and reply ASAP!!

Crunchy Katie

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Arbonne Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner! Amy Menzies check your email!

Also, I still have a FuzziBunz giveaway going. Get your entries in cause it ends soon!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium Giveaway

I received my first box of fluff!!  I got my FuzziBunz size XS and S in the mail about 2 weeks ago.  I opened the package and was so excited to see how tiny they were.  I imagined our little teeny baby girl wearing them and ooo'd and awwww'd about them to all my friends whenever I got the chance!  The other day I was excited to receive my 4 FREE diapers from the FuzziBunz buy 6 get 2 free deal.  They sent me the wrong size though.  I got 2 mediums and right away realized that these are not EVER going to fit a baby of mine!  My other 4 never even grew out of disposable size 3s!!  So I figured, why not just give them away!!  So, in honor of my tiny babies, who will never fit in a FuzziBunz size Medium, I am giving away (2) FuzziBunz size Medium cloth diapers in white!!  Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below!!  Good Luck!!

Crunchy Katie

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Newborns and Cloth Event

Hey there followers!  You have got to head on over to Life With My Littles and One More Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and check out their Newborns and Cloth event going on starting November 11th.  They have tons of awesome reviews and giveaways for you!!  Check back here as well for an awesome FuzziBunz giveaway coming November 11th.  You can receive extra entries for the FuzziBunz giveaway for entering the giveaways on each of their blogs!!

Arbonne Review and Giveaway

I was lucky enough to receive some great samples from a wonderful Arbonne Consultant named Rachel Frentsos.  She sent me the following to try out and review.

(1) pack of Chocolate Protein Shake Mix
(1) pack of Vanilla Protein Shake Mix

Here is a link to the Supplement Facts for the Chocolate flavor.
Here is a link to the Supplement Facts for the Vanilla flavor.

I was very excited to try this out for me and my children.  I have some picky eaters and was eager to see if this could be an option for getting some more protein in my oldest especially.  The first day we tried the vanilla flavor.  I mixed it as directed and split it evenly between me and the 4 kiddos.  The boys loved it and drank it down then asked for more!  My girly, didn't care for it much and gladly passed it on to her big brother.  I enjoyed the vanilla flavor myself and I am usually a chocolate fan!  The next morning we tried the chocolate flavor.  Again, I got the same reaction from the kids.  The boys loved it and the girly didn't.  Her big brother again finished hers off for her.

Now, before I served this for my children and I, I meticulously checked out the ingredient list and read the directions.  It did state that it was not recommended for pregnant women.  I was intrigued, because it contained nothing that seemed bad for me to be consuming while pregnant.  I emailed Rachel to ask her the reason for this and she replied that she had spoken with Arbonne's main office and they simple stated that they didn't recommend it be by pregnant women because it is generally used as a part of a weight loss regimen.  Since I'm certainly not trying to loose weight, I went ahead and used the product anyway. 

The ingredient list also states that the product is also manufactured in the same plant as peanut products.  I do have  a son with a peanut allergy, but it is not severe and we usually give him things like this that do not directly contain peanuts.

He did have a reaction.  About an hour after he drank the shake he began sniffling and his mouth looked a bit swollen.  Then I noticed the tale tale hives appearing around his waist.  I gave him a dose of benadryl and sent him off to bed.  A few hours later he was back to normal.  I am still at a loss as to what caused the reaction.  I will go ahead and say for those with nut allergies to avoid this product.

All in all the taste of the shakes was great.  I preferred the vanilla over the chocolate this time!  And I'm sure the boys would have enjoyed either one on a daily basis.  I love that the product is vegan and contains many minerals and vitamins.  It also uses Stevia leaf as a sweetener instead of splenda or aspartame. 

The next sample I received was the RE9 Advanced sample set pictured here.

  As I always do, I checked out the ingredients for anything that I would normally avoid.  The only problem I had with it was that the Restorative Day Cream with SPF 20 contained two sunscreens, Octisalate and Octocrylene, that are thought to cause hormone disruption and block Vit D production.  See this article.  It also contained Zinc Oxide which is a natural mineral sunscreen.  I use this for my children in the summer.

I decided, for the sake of this review, to use the Restorative Day Cream anyway.  The Smoothing Facial Cleanser left my face feeling clean and refreshed.  I followed up with the Regenerating Toner which left my face feeling nice and hydrated.  Then came the Intensive Renewal  Serum.  This left my face feeling very soft and so moisturized.  Next I used the Corrective Eye Cream followed by the Restorative Day Cream with SPF 20.  I have to say, that after all the creams, I could have left out the sunscreen all together.  My face was noticeably more smooth.  And felt so very soft.  I was very sad when on the 3rd day my toner ran out!  The sample sizes just aren't enough!!  I continued on using the remainder of the samples.  I really enjoyed the Night Repair Cream.  It was great going to bed with soft, clean skin and I knew that during the night my face was being nourished.  All in all I loved the product and would rant about it to my friends. 
You can get the whole set for $323.  That is a lot of money for a momma like me.  If I worked I would most definitely consider using these products.

 I also received the FC5 Shampoo and Conditioner and the SeaSource Detox Spa Foaming Sea Salt Scrub, Detoxifying Rescue Wash, and Renewing Body Gelee. 

I really enjoyed my showers for the next couple days!  The shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling very clean and smooth.  It has a wonderful scent to it as well!  The Sea Salt Scrub was very exfoliating.  The scent was very earthy and I felt like I was really at a spa!  I used the Detoxifying Rescue wash and really felt refreshed.  The smells were very renewing and invigorating!  The Renewing Body Gelee works like a moisturizer.  It is also very refreshing and smells wonderful!   

Now for the fun part!  Rachel Frentsos, Arbonne Consultant has graciously offered to giveaway a 12 pack of the Essential Protein Powder packets!!  That's a $34 value.  Along with the Protein Powder, she will include samples of Arbonne's wonderful products!   Here's what you have to do to win!!

Fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  The giveaway will end November 23, 2011.  The winner will be emailed that day and have 48 hours to reply or another winner will be chosen!  Good luck!!