Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Too busy for a schedule??

Is it possible?  I am beginning to believe it is!  After a couple of days trying to get on a better schedule I am realizing that it is a lot harder than it seems.  I think the most important times of the day to keep a routine would be the morning before school, after school, and of course the beloved bed time routine!!  Those lovely 7 hours during the day when 3 of the babes are at school is time for me to get stuff done around the house, hit the gym, and run my errands.  It's amazing how fast 7 hours seem to go by!!  I am going to relax about it though, tweak it a bit, and just go with the flow!  Hubby has been very gracious and understanding about the chores so it takes a bit of pressure off me.  I still want to work hard to show him that I know the clean house is important to him though.  So here's to trying a bit harder, maybe getting up earlier, and skipping a cat nap to fold the laundry.  If it means hubby feels loved and respected, than I know it's worth it. 

Stay tuned for a couple of awesome recipes that take minutes to prepare and can feed the family for at least 4 meals!!


Crunchy Katie 


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