Saturday, October 22, 2011

Giving Birth Naturally

Hello, my name is Katie, and I'm a birth junkie. 

I have been since I witnessed my mom giving birth to my baby sister at a birth center.  I knew that when I had my own babies, I would do it naturally, with no drugs and at a birth center.

When I discovered I was pregnant with our first baby I began researching.  We found a birth center, a Bradley course and I was addicted to Internet researching.  I read books on midwifery, natural birth choices, and did everything our Bradley course taught us.  I was so excited the day contractions started.  After a 23 hour labor, our son was born in the water!  I was so proud of myself!!

I knew the next birth would be at home, and it was!  Our daughter was born after about 8 hours of labor in our home in the water.  It was glorious!

We went on to have a hospital birth with our 3rd (definitely not planned, long story, and basically military ordered) and it was a nightmare!!  After having the peace and freedom of homebirth I had a really hard time with fetal monitoring, no waterbirth, hospital gowns, nurses, and staying overnight! It was my most painful birth, and the hardest to recover from.  I knew, barring a serious emergency, that I would never step foot in a hospital to give birth again!

Our 4th birth was completely healing for me.  At home, 3 hours of labor, totally hands off midwives, and with my children present I delivered my baby by myself in water!

I never thought I would get another chance to deliver a baby.  But God is faithful, and he cares about the desires of our hearts!  He knew I dreamed of having another baby!  And He answered my prayers, he surprised us with another gift from Heaven.  He has changed my husbands heart about adding another baby and we are so excited to have our 5th baby at home in Feb!!

After experiencing natural, unmedicated birth, I have a hard time understanding why a woman wouldn't want to try it!  I'm not saying that other choices are bad.  Every mom should decide what's best for her, but I truly feel that woman have began to believe that they aren't made to give birth.  They believe when doctors say that the baby won't fit.  They agree to c-sections for reasons that are just ludicrous to me!  I long for women to feel empowered by birth.  To know what their bodies are capable of and trust in that.  I want for women to understand the true dangers of hospital interventions.  The effects of drugs on themselves and their babies and take a stand for natural birth!!  Not just for them, but for their babies too!!  Doctors are there for when we need them.  For emergencies and abnormalities.  They really know nothing about the way natural birth works.  Don't put all your trust in them.  Learn for yourselves and be informed about all things birth!  Below are a few great websites that I found while researching pros of natural birth if you are expecting or know someone who is, visit them and pass on the information. 

Ina May Gaskin is an inspiration to me.  Read about her on her site here:

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth
also called Husband Coached Childbirth

Bradley Birth is amazing.  Their education helps you to know exactly what your body is doing during labor.  Knowing what was going on, helped me to cope and accept a long labor.  I knew my body was working the way it was created to and trusted in that!

This is a great article, with references, about hospital birth and the dangers of interventions.

This is a book that I read which offers information on all types of births.  It was the most informative, easy to understand book I read while researching during my first pregnancy.  Henci Goer goes into detail on the safety and benefits of homebirth as well as the options for pain relief in hospitals and their dangers.  I recommend this book to every pregnant momma!

There are many more sites that have great info.  Get out there and do your research!  It's the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby! 


Crunchy Katie

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  1. Congratulations!! Unfortunately with my first (and only so far), I had to have a physician because of insurance reasons. I work at a hospital and our insurance policy stated that if the hospital can provide care for something (such as L&D) and you choose to go elsewhere, the out of pocket costs skyrocket. Unfortunately, that hospital does not have midwives. :( I'm hoping to have a midwife with my next in a birth center to hopefully skip Pitocin, fundal pressure, episiotomy, comments that are NOT helpful by the physician, etc.

    I hope this birth is very much the same as your last one.

    I a