Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...and other excuses!

I realize I have not posted in more than a week!!!  Geez, the days are really flying by!  I am working on a weekly list of great topics to blog about!  Here are just a few ideas I am toying with:  Since it's "flu season" I will write about the dangers of the flu vaccine, it's efficacy (or lack thereof) and ways to naturally protect you and your children!  I will also start talking a lot about natural childbirth as the birth of our 5th rapidly approaches!  More recipes will come to you, as well as fun fall projects to do with kids!  So stick around and see what's coming!! 

I also have a new review and giveaway coming soon from Arbonne.  I met a wonderful independant consultant who sells their products yesterday and she was so eager to sponsor a review and giveaway!!

Until tomorrow!

Crunchy Katie

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