Monday, September 5, 2011

Stretch Marks?

When I was pregnant with my first I faithfully applied Palmers Cocoa Butter daily!  I was just determined not to get any stretch marks.  As my due date crept closer and closer, I began to get cautiously exicted!!  With just 4 weeks left to go, I still had absolutely NO stretch marks on my belly!!  Just a week later, my joy faded as I looked in the mirror and found the bright red lines I'd been hoping to avoid.  They were there, only to be seen by me in the mirror, as they were so very low on my belly.  I sighed, and just decided that it was part of pregnancy and I should just embrace it.  They are trophies, right?? 

Well, the last few weeks they continued to grow steadily up my large belly.  Then my baby came and I forgot all about them.  When he was just 5 months old, we discovered we were expecting again.  I totally gave up on the lotion this time.  The stretch marks that hadn't yet completely faded from the first pregnancy just continued to make their way up.  Growing almost like a climbing vine up my belly!  This pregnancy a new mark began to appear.  In high school I had my navel pierced.  The tiny, closed up hole was now beginning to stretch. 

When baby #2 was 10 months old, we once again got pregnant!  This baby was a whopper!  I had the biggest belly yet!  The lovely stretch marks had now reached nearly to my belly button.  The navel piercing scar was also growing up and up!!  These marks were now seriously starting to look like battle scars!! 

With #4, I was a bit smaller and the marks seemed to stay put.  I'm sure all these marks were partly there because I popped out 4 kiddos in just a smidge over 4 years!!  My stomach never had a chance to competely shrink! 

Now, almost 4 years later.  The stretch marks are there, but well faded.  They are a part of me forever.  My belly button is a sad, sad sight to see.  It will never be cute again.  Baby #5 is on the way and I am desperate to try anything to help my skin stretch gracefully!!

Luckily, Earth Mama Angel Baby has chosen me to review a product just for this purpose!  I am so excited to receive this product and start trying it out!  So keep an eye out for my next review coming very soon!

What have you used to hopefully help with stretch marks during pregnancy?  Did it work??


Crunchy Katie

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  1. I also used Palmer's Cocoa Butter daily when I was pregnant with my son. I still got stretch marks, but I think they could have been worse (because my mom had bad ones and I hear they are hereditary). My son is almost 3 years and although my stretch marks faded, they never really go away! It's kind of a bummer, but oh well! Definitely doesn't stop me from wanting more babies!