Monday, September 19, 2011

Cloth Diapers!?

I am determined to cloth diaper this new baby GIRL!!  I have been searching, and asking and reading reviews of newborn cloth diapers since I found out I was preggo.  It seems that everyone loves something different so I've decided to just try a few of each kind that I have read a ton about!

I came across this blog today as I was searching for giveaways!  The Tree Huggin' Momma has a great event going on right now!  During The Tree Huggin' Baby Extravaganza she will be reviewing some awesome products from some great companies!!  Not all are cloth diaper related, but also breastfeeding accessories, baby clothes and much more!  Go check her out!!

Now, on to the diapers I want to try!!

The first one is The Little Bee Co.  They make the Bitty Bee Changed diaper.  Here is a blog review and giveaway I read today about them (and entered too, of course!)  The Tree Huggin' Momma is right on point with the other reviews I've read about this diaper!  And I love their mission too!!  I sure do hope that I win!!

Fuzzi Bunz is a name I see floating around the web a lot.  Their diaper seems to be very popular and well made too!  Of my friends and family that have used the Fuzzi Bunz, all of them can't stop talking about how great they are!!  I will definetly be adding a few of these newborn diapers and maybe some one size diaps too!

Charlie Banana diapers are so soft!!  I was lucky enough to win one from Life With My Littles a while back and can't stop feeling how soft it is!!  I recently (before I got preggo) switched to reuseable feminine pads from Charlie Banana.  They are just as soft as the diapers so I know it will be plenty soft for my baby when she arrives!!  I will add some of these to my stash too!!

Fitted diapers have been recommended to me by one of my friends who is a cloth diapering pro!  She actually sews her diapers at home!  She said they are the easiest, and since she's done it a couple times, I know I should at least give them a try!  Finding a great place to buy fitteds and covers will be on my list of things to do!! 

I am hoping once the babe gets here, I will have a chance to review some newborn cloth diapers!!  Until then, I will be constantly hunting for great reviews and giveaways on awesome blogs!!


Crunchy Katie


  1. Dear Katie,
    You know I love my Fuzzi Bunz diapers, and I love my fitteds too! You just need to find what works for you! <3 Okay, honestly that was NOT meant to rhyme!
    Love you girl! xxoo

  2. O my gosh Katie! I remember when you were born and I used Cloth diapers, with diaper pins! I never poked you either. I also remember using re-usable Kotex... Your Dad's white crew socks! HaHaHa! Maybe, back then, I was a hippie too. I always thought that Kotex was such a waste of money and after all, what did they use in the olden days?... Great Blog today! Love you!