Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exciting News

I just realized it's been 5 days since I posted on here!  So sorry!  I'm sure you can imagine how busy I am so you'll be forgiving!  Thanks for that. 

I received my Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil in the mail the other day.  It is still sitting on my table.  I am going to begin testing the product tomorrow and will continue using it until it is gone.  I am 18 weeks pregnant and starting to stretch pretty nicely these days!  I am hoping to be able to give the best possible review of the product!  Stick around, because Earth Mama Angel Baby offered to give away one bottle of Natural Stretch Oil to one lucky Mama!! 

On another note, we had our ultrasound today.  And there is a very active, healthy baby GIRL in there!!  I actually cried!  I really wasn't expecting that at all.  I have never cried at an ultrasound before.  As I thought back to all the times I asked hubby for "just one more baby" I realized that God really does know the desires of our hearts!  He is so faithful and I am so humbled by His greatness!

The day after we found out about this pregnancy, I went into the children's room to tell them about our new baby.  For a while now, they have been asking for "100 more babies so we always have someone to play with."  I would always reply, that only God could give us another baby so we had to ask Him!  I know my little girl has been praying for a sister too.  As I sat down on her bed, I told them that mommy was going to have a baby!!  They all just sat there for a second, speechless.  Then out of no where, Hannah looked at me and said "It's going to be a girl baby, and we're going to name her Glory!"  This really took me by surprise!  Hannah has never said, or heard the name "Glory."  I was shocked!  You see, I really believe that God speaks to us through other people.  I really believe He was speaking to me through my precious daughter.  It was my decision now, to hold on to that and believe it, or let doubt creep in and try and tell me different.

Now, I would have been equally happy if it was a boy!  I have 3 wonderful sons and would gladly welcome another.  I would not, however, like to try and explain to my little girl why God didn't give her a sister.  The moment I saw those two lines, my spirit knew that God was answering her prayers for a sister and building her faith in doing so!  How exciting is that!!  So today, seeing those sweet little girl parts stirred up my spirit and reminded me of how faithful our Father is! 

Then, He has to go above and beyond!  He spoke to me through my friend!  I texted everyone to tell them the good news and she called right away to congratulate me!  Then proceeded to tell me that this little girl is such a blessing!  That when she received my text, she was listening to a song on the radio, the words she heard as she read the text were "for thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the Glory" what a confirmation of my daughters words 3 months ago.  My friend had no idea about what my daughter had said either!  God works in mysterious ways!!

Now, my husband doesn't think Glory is a name.  Convincing him is really not going to happen in my power.  I know what I heard, and feel and believe.  And I know only God, can speak to my husband in a way that will make him believe this name "Glory" is from God himself.  I will be praying for God's will as far as this name goes.  In the meantime, I will call her Glory! 

Glory to God,

Crunchy Katie 


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