Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let's Talk Diet and Exercise

I don't mean diet, as in trying to lose weight diet.  I mean, what do you eat daily?  How often do you eat?  How much do you eat? 

When I was in the Marines and taking care of my three oldest we were a Happy Meal every other night family.  And the other nights it was usually Hamburger Helper or mac n cheese.  Okay, okay, I'd throw in some canned green beans with the Helper, but that was the extent of the healthy eating in our house. 

My kids were always sick.  With three of them in daycare full time, it seemed like every week I was home with one of them.  They always had some sort of drainage coming from their little noses, and had a cough that never seemed to go away. 

We were unhealthy and unhappy. 

In January of 2011 I decided I was going Paleo.  I had been CrossFitting for a couple months and was ready to see some real results.  If you don't know what CrossFit is, check it out.  It is hard but fun.  You are always pushing yourself to do better.  I LOVE it!! 

Paleo is a lifestyle change.  A serious one.  No pasta, rice, potatoes, dairy.  Basically you are eating what you could go outside and gather and hunt.  Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds.  You eat often, every couple hours, to keep your metabolism up.  And of course drink tons of water.  I dedicated myself to this.  CrossFit and Paleo.  And within two weeks my stomach was getting flatter than it had ever been.  I was so excited!  I felt magnificent!  I had so much energy.  I was less stressed out, and just all around a happier person.  After about 2 months I had lost a few inches off my stomach and was really beginning to see some great definition on my arms.  I looked better than ever.

Then I cheated.  The effects were drastic. I was so sleepy I had to take a nap and my tummy hurt bad too.  I just knew that it was the wheat.  Now I know what not to do.  So I try hard to keep up with the Paleo, but bread is like an addiction!  It's so hard to quit, even when you know it will make you feel horrible. 

In June, after a 7 day juice fast and a 12lb weight loss, we discovered that baby #5 was on the way.  What a surprise and a blessing!!  With that came the dreaded morning sickness.  I tried to stick to my fruit and veggies and meat, but it all made me sick to my stomach.  With 4 kids to entertain for the summer, I had to do something to help with the nausea.  Bread was the answer.  I wanted muffins, and toast, and english muffins.  I made myself eat my daily eggs for the protein.  Fruit was not my friend, at all.  Just thinking about it made my stomach churn.  As a result, I have gained about 15lbs.  All in my tummy!!  I know, what you're going to say, "but you're pregnant...your belly is supposed to grow"  and I know this, however, you and I both know that during the 1st trimester the baby is about the size of a lime at it's biggest!!  A lime does not weigh 15lbs!! 

Now that I'm in my 2nd trimester, and feeling much better, I'm ready to get back on the Paleo band wagon!!    And I'm training for the Marine Corps Marathon which is October 30th.  I'm determined to have the healthiest pregnancy yet!! 

Are you feeling sick and tired?  Are you wanting to lose a little weight??  Give Paleo a try.  I promise you'll feel better than ever!!


Crunchy Katie     




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  1. That sounds like the toughest diet in the world. I seriously can't live without bread and my husband (who is a stick) doesn't think a meal is complete without a bread product! We do eat tons of veggies though, that balances it out, right?!