Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Excitement for the day

Today will be busy for me.  Meeting all 3 of my school aged children's teachers.  Practice walks to each school to get the timing down.  Packing backpacks.  Early bedtime (yahoo!!!).  But I have to say the most exciting part of my day has been checking my blog and discovering I have a couple new followers!!  YAY!!! 

Having a few blogs I follow, each with hundreds (or more) followers, has left me itching to get more of my own!  I figured putting myself out there on Facebook would help a bit, and it did!  I also started tweeting!  So go follow me there too my name is KrunchyKatie!!

Along with being a beginner blogger, I've also started entering giveaways for cloth diapers.  I am expecting baby #5 in Feb. and will be faithfully cloth diapering.  With so many brands and types of cloth diapers out there I figured I should just enter every giveaway I find and hopefully win a few so I can see which I like best!!    I have to give a quick mention to my great friend over at Life With My Litles http://lifewithmylittles.blogspot.com/ .  She has been teaching me the ropes of blogging and cloth diapering! 

But you and I both know that the best way to discover what you like best is to try it out yourself!!  So I am.  On many levels.  Here's to stepping out on many new adventures!  Glad you're going with me!

Crunchy Katie

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  1. mama of the littles sent me, I'm following you on gfc! I have a cloth diaper giveaway that ends monday on my blog! http://whatmommywants.blogspot.com/2011/08/rave-lovely-pocket-diapers-review-and.html
    it includes a video review to help you get to know the brand. I am pretty new too so welcome to the bloggy world it is addictive!