Friday, July 27, 2012

A quick random rant...

I got these really cute black chino style shorts from Old Navy a while back.  Each time I wear them I try to make sure the pockets are laying flat so I don't get bumps where I don't want them.  I hate, HATE, Hate it that there are pockets on the butt that are sewn shut!!  But there is a flap on the inside like you could still stick stuff in there.  What is that sick trick all about??  If you're going to sew in a pocket, don't sew the opening shut people.  C'mon. 

Rant over.

Crunchy Katie


  1. Katie, who cares if the pockets flip up. All of them do. Even the ones with a real pocket. I do agree though that it is a pain. I always feel like I am going out with wrinkled clothes! My peeve. Love you!

  2. I don't know if this is the case with those pockets (especially because it's usually higher end stores that do this) but a lot of retailers stitch various parts of the garment closed for display & trying on. This is both to protect the garment (e.g. stitched slit on a skirt) or to help it keep its shape (e.g. stitched pleats) or to help it look better during the try-on process (e.g. pockets-usually front pockets in pants such as chinos are vertically cut [i.e. not like jeans where it is horizontal] & tend to gap open when not stitched closed). The stitches are usually meant to be removed upon purchase. I would think that this is probably the case with your shorts, especially since there is an actual pocket pouch on the inside. You can tell if this is the case because the stitches are not as small or tight as the rest of the stitching on the garment.

    Anyway, love your blog. I just started the "no 'poo" method thanks to you & am loving it so far.