Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Wearing Bliss

Baby wearing has been around for centuries.  Before there were strollers, moms wore their babies all the time!  The benefits of baby wearing are countless and include keeping baby calm and happy, keeping arms free to care for other children or take care of household chores, may even help moms who may be depressed.  Scientific studies have been done and show that wearing your baby is great for their emotional and physical development.  I'm all for that!!  There are so many reasons to wear your baby and I encourage every mom to wear their baby if possible.  Find more reasons to wear your baby here!

Ever since my #3 child was born, I've been into baby wearing.  I had to.  My two older children were 2 and 1 when he was born.  I was one busy momma and my sling saved my life!  It was so convenient to just pop the baby in the sling so I could have extra hands to hug the little ones or fold laundry or prepare meals.  I honestly couldn't have done it without my sling.  With him, I chose a pouch type sling, you know the over-one-shoulder kind.  When I had #4, I purchased another one shoulder type and used it some, it really started hurting my neck so I started searching for another, more comfortable type of carrier. 

That's when I learned all about the ergo.  I got one on ebay for a great price and used it all the time.  I could put any of the kids in it when they were cranky and they would calm down.  The older ones had a blast getting piggy back rides while I cleaned the floors or did dishes.  I was even able to carry 2 sleeping babies if I had to, one in the ergo on my back, and another in my arms.
In February #5 was born.   I currently have 2 carriers, a Sleepy Wrap that I won on a blog giveaway and a baby k'tan that I received at my baby shower.  I really LOVE the Sleepy Wrap!  Baby sleeps almost instantly when I put her in there.  It feels so nice to have that warm, chubby baby so close to me.  Wish I could wear her forever!  The baby k'tan is easy to put on and works well, but I am so in love with my wrap that I almost never use it.

I am already planning for the future and looking for another carrier, one that's easier and quicker to snap on and throw baby into.  I have been scouring the Internet for giveaways for various carriers.  I recently found a giveaway for a Beco Gemini carrier and a Red Charlotte stuff sack at Life With My Littles blog.  I want this Beco so badly!!  And the Red Charlotte GC, such a bonus!  I am praying (literally) that I win this prize!!  You should head on over and enter for it yourself!!  Let the Mama of the Littles know that I sent you!!

Are you a baby wearing momma?  What is your favorite carrier?    

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